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Now, friends, let me spin you a tale. There’s an awful lot we aren’t told about. The government keeps secrets. The map’s not filled in. A war just swept across the planet, and now every two-bit hoodlum with a gang and rail fare thinks he can sweep across it too. There’s terror in the street in New York every day of the week, that we know for sure, and who knows how many of the stories from foreign parts are more truth than fabrication? Despite all our great progress, there are folks that want to tear it down.

And who stops them? The military? The police? Most of these ringleaders have a cult of fanatics on the payroll, and I hear at least one has an army of mechanical men! When it’s not ray guns on main street it’s ancient curses or earthquake machines. The rank and file just aren’t prepared to handle this kind of thing. Muggers and bank robbers, sure. An army of Turks, sure. A skull-faced pilot in an invisible biplane? No chance. Fine men, one and all, but it’s just asking too much.

Somehow, though, we’re all still fine. I had a caller last week that said her grandma was confronted by a horde of mad-eyed young men in black pajamas right in downtown Manhattan, and a trio of strange characters rolled up in a Model-T, beat up these “ninjas” like it was just another day at the office, and hurried on their way. Who are these people? Who’s keeping us safe against the dark things that our civil infrastructure can’t? Who is willing to fight the things that make a trained soldier turn white with fear? Who is it that knows so much more about what’s going on than we do that they can not only choose to fight, but be at the right place when they’re needed?

Who is behind the times?

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