• Calcutta knife fighter
  • “Thuggee killed my parents.”
  • Just what the doctor orders
  • House of the Harlequin Raj
  • Gun to a knife fight
  • Oaths as strong as iron
  • “I live to serve.”
  • “Never let ‘em see you sweat.”
  • Walking pharmacy
  • “I’m a pillar of the Occult community.”


  • Superb (+5) Mysteries
  • Great (+4) Resolve, Weapons
  • Good (+3) Academics, Endurance, Rapport
  • Fair (+2) Alertness, Intimidation, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
  • Average (+1) Deceit, Drive, Empathy, Investigation, Science


  • Herbal Remedies
  • Anything Goes
  • Smooth Recovery
  • Unflappable
  • Right Place, Right Time
  • I live to serve.
    • Invoke: Knowledge of how servants work, Blending into the background of a wealthy setting
    • Compel: Assisting those who are my superiors, or those who I am pretending are my superiors.
  • I’m a pillar of the Occult community.
    • Invoke: To show knowledge of the occult, to know other occultists
    • Compel: to be fingered as an occultist in an embarrassing environment, to prevent actions that would besmirch my reputation
  • Never let ‘em see you sweat.
    • Invoke: to show calm under pressure, to look crisp and “put together” during or after a hectic scene
    • Compel: to prevent me from socializing when things aren’t “just right”, to prevent the showing of emotion when doing so would be a benefit
  • Thuggee killed my parents.
    • Invoke: To demonstrate knowledge of cults and the criminal underworld
    • Compel: To attack me with vile cultists! To inspire emo-ness
  • Calcutta knife fighter
    • Invoke: to commiserate with those of a poor background, to demonstrate skill with a blade and dirty fighting
    • Compel: to highlight my checkered past, to bring in NPCs that might not benefit me to know in a coultured setting
  • Gun to a knife fight
    • Invoke: to skillfully take on gun users with a knife, to use a knife at range
    • Compel: to cause situations where a knife would be outranged, to demonstrate a lack of firearms knowledge
  • House of the Harlequin Raj
    • Invoke: to gain assistance from members of my mystic order, to know the hidden history of India’s rulers
    • Compel: for members of the Raj to gain assistance from me, to target me with enemies of the Raj
  • Just what the doctor orders
    • Invoke: to assist with medical proceedures, to convince others to follow medical advice
    • Compel: to inspire trust in doctors even when it would be unwise, to unthinkingly assist the medical procedures of another doctor
  • Oaths as strong as iron
    • Invoke: to gain strength (physical or otherwise) in the upholding of my oaths
    • Compel: to prevent the willful breaking of even a harmful or minor oath, to prevent even minor fabrications while “under oath”
  • Walking pharmacy
    • Invoke: to have any necessary pharmaceutical supplies on hand
    • Compel: to have any illegal pharmaceuticals on hand during a search


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