Harold Manheim



  • Leave no man behind
  • “For the glory of the Empire!”
  • Talk is cheap
  • “I can take ‘em!”
  • “Don’t worry, they fear fire.”
  • Savages have no souls
  • “You get the girl, I’ll take the guards.”
  • On the government’s dime
  • Melodramatic
  • “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


  • Superb (+5) Might
  • Great (+4) Drive, Fists
  • Good (+3) Academics, Athletics, Intimidation
  • Fair (+2) Alertness, Endurance, Resolve, Weapons
  • Average (+1) Contacting, Guns, Investigation, Leadership, Resources


  • Brawler
  • Herculean Strength
  • Piledriver
  • Custom Ride
  • Unsafe at Any Speed
  • Don’t worry, I’m fine.
    • Invoke: Keep fighting, even if injured.
    • Compel: Ignore any suggestion of injury, even if horrifically wounded and hindered.
  • Don’t worry, they fear fire.
    • Invoke: Use fire as a way to deter foes.
    • Compel: Use fire if the opportunity presents itself, regardless of the opponent or situation.
  • For the glory of the Empire!
    • Invoke: The British Empire’s glory is in question!
    • Compel: Ignore common sense to stand up for the glory of the Empire
  • I can take ‘em!
    • Invoke: When seemingly outmatched
    • Compel: Refuse to back down, even if it would make sense
  • You get the girl, I’ll take the guards.
    • Invoke:
    • Compel:
  • Leave no man behind
    • Invoke: Always go back for a fallen ally
    • Compel: Never leave anyone behind in any situation
  • Melodramatic
    • Invoke: Anything that enhances the melodramatic setting of the adventure, breaking plate glass windows, jumping through awnings, driving through a wall
    • Compel: If there is a way to make something more dramatic, do it.
  • On the government’s dime
    • Invoke: Do something awesome that involves destroying property
    • Compel: Destroy federal property in a way that will get him in trouble
  • Savages have no souls
    • Invoke: When fighting islanders or members of the Indian Sub-Continent, fight without regard for their lives
    • Compel: Whenever there is a question of letting someone live or die, always choose the option of killing the “savage”
  • Talk is cheap
    • Invoke: Defend against social attacks
    • Compel: Fight instead of negotiate

Harold Manheim

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