Betty Booker and the Black Scrolls of Set

While the press is agog with the discovery of Tut’s tomb, Betty is more interested in rumors of an ancient text: the legendary Black Scrolls of Set, said to be written in language of the Egyptian gods. Can Betty procure the scrolls before the Baron of Brass? Or will arcane protections stop them both?

Also starring “Rapier” Rose Lindberg!

Always up for a challenge, Rapier Rose digs into a pyramid of crubling codices. Good thing she knows the President! Together, she and Betty will uncover the truth.

With a guest appearance by Shardul “Silverhand”!

Fortunately for the heroines, Silverhand managed to lift the Curse of the Black Scrolls’ Grave. If only the Baron had not made off with the final scroll…

Betty Booker and the Black Scrolls of Set

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