Max Gable and the Whirlwind of Fury

Home from the war, Max is furious to learn that his one-time friend Allan “Snooker” Storm has stolen his fiancee. With society turned against him, can Max’s iron fists bring him through?

Also starring Harold Manheim!

Finding that Storm has hired a group of German Mechanists to build him a device to rob the federal reserve and further his fortune, Max calls on his friend Harold Manheim for aid. Harold will help him stop the heist and win back the girl!

With a guest appearance by “20-Peso” Moreno!

Storm is humbled and escapes into the criminal underworld. Max and Harold enlist crafty adventurer “20-Peso” Moreno to flush him out so that they may finally end this madness!

Max Gable and the Whirlwind of Fury

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