Rapier Rose VS the Red Serpents of Shanghai

Following a lead in the Mysterious East, Rapier Rose uncovers a gang of deadly kidnappers on the steamy docks of Shanghai. With drug kingpins to bring down and helpless children to save, Rose will let her ink and pen fly! Will she make it home to the man she loves? The man who doesn’t love her back…

Also starring Max Gable!

When the time comes to free the children, Rose finds Max Gable drinking away his sorrows in a seedy bar. Fighting back-to-back, the two face death… and laugh!

With a guest appearance by Lord Phillip Regal the Clockwork Prince!

Arriving at Gable’s plane ready to return Rose to her lover, the Clockwork Prince makes some last minute additions to get them out intact!

Rapier Rose VS the Red Serpents of Shanghai

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