Rigby Tally and the 7 Dark Horrors of the World

You’ve heard of the 7 Wonders of the World? Pyramid of Giza? Hanging Gardens? Rigby Tally is off to uncover the 7 Horrors of the World! Witness tombs, mazes, and caves! See mysteries, cults, and monsters! Gasp through high-flying adventure and escapades! Swoon through romance, heartbreak, and incredible vistas! No matter what—don’t miss it!

Also starring Shardul “Silverhand”!

Silverhand, in order to further his mystic education, joins a series of expeditions led by the famous Rigby Tally disguised as a butler. But when the crash into the lost city of Atlantis…

With a guest appearance by Captain Morgan Hammer!

When Captain Hammer is reunited with old drinking buddy, Rigby Tally, he doesn’t realize where this reunion will take him. Following in Rigby’s wake of destruction the Captain dazzles cults and monsters alike with his daredevil skills. Aboard the Anvil they set off on a nightmarish tour of horror. With twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

Rigby Tally and the 7 Dark Horrors of the World

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