Sam Slade and the Legion of Shadows

Sam Slade, the Mountain Who Walks, stops in exotic Burma. There, he discovers a secret order set on world domination. With the power of his mysterious fighting arts and his friends, will he be able to stop the Emperor D’arque and his Legion of Shadows?

Also starring Captain Morgan Hammer!

Having delivered Sam Slade to Burma as promised Captain Hammer finds himself and his men entangled in the struggle against the evil Emperor D’arque. Will Captain Hammer be able to Give Sam Slade the time he needs to Defeat the Emperor? Will the Captain be able to steal some attention from Betty’s dusty manuscripts? Find out inside!

With a guest appearance by Betty Booker!

While traveling, Betty’s caravan is attacked and kidnapped! While being held captive by the Legion of Shadows and forced to translate ancient texts on martial arts, Betty encounters Slade. Together, perhaps they can defeat the order!

Sam Slade and the Legion of Shadows

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