Shardul Silverhand the Tiger of Calcutta

Chaos in the house of the Harlequin Raj! Silverhand duals with a cult of Thuggee assassins to save his masters! Will he survive a trip to the West to find the shadowy master behind the attack? Who is the beautiful woman behind the curtain? FIND OUT INSIDE!

Guest starring Betty Booker!

Betty has followed the stolen books of Saraswati Bhawan from her birthplace of Benares to Calcutta. From behind a curtain, she spots a tiger of a man, who promises to help her recover the texts from a Thuggee cult.

With a guest appearance by Rigby Talley of the Extraordinary Tallys!

What a mess! Caught by Thuggee without a prayer! Will anyone save her?

Shardul Silverhand the Tiger of Calcutta

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