The Clockwork Prince VS the Baron of Brass

After years of searching for the Baron, the Clockwork Prince has tracked his nemesis to the ancient City of Brass. Faced with a legion of mystically empowered automatons, the Prince must make his way to the center of the city. There, he will face the Baron of Brass, and hopefully stop him from unleashing his most destructive creation upon the world!

Also starring “20-Peso” Moreno!

Lost in the wilderness and pursued by monsters, the Clockwork Prince nearly gave up hope. Until “20-Peso” Moreno appeared to guide him through the last leg of his journey!

With a guest appearance by Sam Slade!

Pursuing ancient eastern mysteries into the desert, Sam Slade came upon the two men. He helped them turn the tide of the automatons and drive back the Baron!

The Clockwork Prince VS the Baron of Brass

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